When You Wish Upon A Brownie…

Thanks to blogging buzz and rumors, I called my good friends at Walt Disney Dining today to see if they were taking reservations for the Wishes Dessert Party.   They were, and it had just been announced.

Wonderful! The idea of having a space where you be apart from a crowd, and wait for fireworks (also known as sensory roulette among parents) was great. Even if we had to leave after the first BOOOOOM, and our “Ahhh” was a “WAAAHHHH”, we’d have some sugary carbs in our tummies.

Guess what? They were not booking for my trip in August.  That’s right! I had forgotten about Summer Nightastic. No Wishes, no Wishes Dessert Party.  They were booking for March 28t until the end of May.  Looks like a little spring getaway is in order.

For the record, the price for two adults is about $54.00, and you have to pay in advance.  One day cancellation, and the entry is one hour before the fireworks, so 9 p.m. most nights in April, not that I checked.

If you have person in the group who is diabetic, don’t skip this! Tea and juice are available, as well as some sugar-free options.  Give them a heads-up that you are coming, so the chefs know to include them in the buffet.  Call 407-824-5967 before you go, and/or remind the hostess.  Calling ahead may be the difference between a specialty dessert and a plate of fruit, though, so tell them what they need to know to impress you. My friend with diabetes booked this yesterday because her feet would be happier to have a chair than her taste buds would be upset because they had to skip the parfait.

Hoping something similar is available over the summer, but what I hear from participants is that it is a great event for families, or those whose interests are diverse (pyrotechnics, food, and avoiding waiting in crowds). On a related note, check in at guest services if someone in your group likes fireworks much better with little ear plugs. They will give you a pair for each night of your stay, upon request.  They won’t help you work off the brownies on the treadmill.


  1. Fingers crossed that when they switch to Fantasy in the Sky fireworks in May/June they’ll start booking again! Thanks for the link!!

    1. This is Walt Disney World at Magic Kingdom. There is another fireworks show at Hollywood Studios where you can book a meal beforehand (Fantasmic) and Epcot has Illuminations. Not sure if Disneyland has some similar. I hope so!

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